Vol 18 Issue 2

Does the banks’ performance improve after share buybacks? Marina Brogi; Michelangelo Bruno; Valentina Lagasio –  RMM 2023 02 – Excerpt 1

Analysis of numerical integration schemes for the Heston model: a case study based on the pricing of investment certificate   Michelangelo Fusaro; Pier Giuseppe Giribone; Alessio Tissone –  RMM 2023 02 – Excerpt 2

The growing importance of digital risk & governance Valerio Begozzi; Matteo Oldani; Francesca Terrizzano –  RMM 2023 02 – Excerpt 3

The revision of the banking crisis management and deposit insurance framework in Europe: Why is it important to enhance flexibility Giuseppe Boccuzzi –  RMM 2023 02 – Excerpt 4

COMMISSIONI DI RICERCA AIFIRM: EDUCAZIONE FINANZIARIA PER LA SCUOLA L’evoluzione del Risk Management: dal Passato al Presente, un “Pilastro” della Stabilità Finanziaria Marilena Cino –  RMM 2023 02 – Excerpt 5

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