Vol 18 Issue 3

Artificial Intelligence: new data and new models in credit risk management  Rossella Locatelli, Giovanni Pepe, Fabio Salis, Andrea Uselli –  RMM 2023 03 – Excerpt 1

Modeling the interest rates term structure using Machine Learning: a Gaussian process regression approach   Alessio Delucchi, Pier Giuseppe Giribone  –  RMM 2023 03 – Excerpt 2

Data Analytics for Credit Risk Models in Retail Banking: a new era for the banking system  Adamaria Perrotta, Andrea Monaco, Georgios Bliatsios RMM 2023 03 – Excerpt 3

Operational Risk framework and Standardised Measurement Approach (SMA) Paolo Fabris, Alessandro Leoni, Ilaria Marfella RMM 2023 03 – Excerpt 4

The link between MiFID and Risk Appetite Framework as an application of best practices for wealth management and the entire value chain of the financial industry Gianluca Macchia, Emanuele De Angelis, Michele Vitagliano RMM 2023 03 – Excerpt 5

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